New: Created dedicated Elementor widgets for embedding the calendar
Improved: Front-end styling improvements
Improved: Added various hooks and filters
Fixed: Improved compatibility with Gutenberg blocks
Fixed: Typo in Lithuanian language

New: Added Redirect option to search widget to allow displaying results on a different page.
New: Added Welsh language
Improved: iCalendar Sync improvements
Improved: Added possibility to disable each iCalendar feed individually
Fixed: Highlighting of today’s date in the calendar
Fixed; Added trailing slash to iCal feed
Fixed: Compatibility with Elementor when displaying calendars in a popup
Fixed: Various security fixes and small bug fixes
Improved: Security Fixes
Fixed: Ordering of calendars in the Multiple Overview Calendar widget.

New: Added pagination and date field placeholders to search module
Improved: Backend iCalendar changeover display
Improved: Set the default month in the bulk editor datepicker to the current calendar month
Improved: Calendar front-end styling
Improved: Made Gutenberg blocks available on all post types
Improved: iCalendar external feeds compatibility on some servers
Improved: Automatically replace webcal:// protocol with https:// when importing webcal feeds.
Fixed: PHP8 compatibility issues and some security improvements

New: Added pagination to search widget
New: Added Chinese and Latvian languages.
New: Added “Split” line between iCalendar events in calendar editor
Improved: Calendar responsive layout
Improved: Compatibility fixes for PHP 8
Improved: Added various hooks and filters
Improved: Removed limit from search widget start date field
Fixed: Calendar descriptions and tooltips not being saved when pasting values with mouse
Fixed: Issue with Gutenberg modules breaking in some cases.
Fixed: CSV file encoding
Fixed: Divi custom start month and year were not working.
Fixed: iCalendar import bug for dates that started on the same day but in different months.

Improved: jQuery datepickers to allow selection of dates from previous or next months
Improved: Search Widget fields no longed invoke mobile keyboard on mobile devices
Improved: Added various filters and hooks to allow better customization of the plugin
Improved: Compatibility fixes for PHP 8

New: Added option to Enable/Disable iCalendar feeds without removing them
Improved: Changed the “tooltip” data attribute to “show-tooltip” to avoid any conflicts with other themes or plugins.
Improved: Updated Portuguese language
Improved: Accessibility changes

Improved: Made overview calendar scrollbar always visible on mobile devices
Improved: Changed iCal description field to allow HTML
Fixed: Layout breaking on certain browser zoom levels.
Fixed: An issue with the Divi module that sometimes caused the “Invalid Calendar ID” error.

New: Added Notes for Calendars
New: Added Divi Modules for embedding calendars
New: Added URL history for search widget
Improved: Search widget now uses the date format set in the WordPress settings page
Improved: Added various hooks and filters

New: Added filter for setting an offset to the iCalendar start or end dates
New: Added filter for programatically sorting calendars in WP Admin
Improved: Improved datepicker usability
Improved: Improved tooltips usability
Improved: Improved iCalendar import handling of changeover days.
Fixed: iCalendar refresh interval issue with custom period
Fixed: Added missing options to Gutenberg blocks
Fixed: iCalendar export filter to include iCalendar events as well
Fixed: Translation is no longer used if the language is not active

New: Added calendar link translations
New: Added the option to make legend items “Bookable” to better control searching
Improved: Calendar sizing calculation on load
Improved: Elementor Widget
Improved: Updated datepicker styling
Improved: Tooltip position calculation so it doesn’t overflow on small screens
Bug: Fixed Search widget not always including iCalendar events
Bug: Fixed iCalendar import from file issue
Bug: Fixed Slovenian and Swedish flags
Bug: Fixed an issue with the disable_past_months_in_month_selector hook

New: Added Search Widget
Improved: Changed the default folders when looking for translations
Bug: Fixed issue that caused the calendar not to display properly if it was hidden while the page was loading

Improved: Changes styling to match WordPress 5.3
Fixed: iCalendar refresh rate bug
Fixed: Removed user limit in Assign Users dropdown

New: Added option to export calendar in CSV format.

Improved: Bulk Editor
Improved: iCalendar Export

Improved: iCalendar changes
Improved: Bulk Editor

New: Added week days to bulk editor
New: Added color picker for current day in Settings page
Improved: Minified CSS and JS Files
Fixed: Minor bug fixes

New: Added Euskara Language
Fixed: Split days offset when importing iCalendar Feeds
Improved: Added hooks for modifying the overview calendar names

New: Added iCalendar option to group dates by description
Improved: Added some new hooks and filters
Fixed: Calendar sizing issue
Fixed: Timezone problem
Fixed: Warning in iCalendar Feed

Fixed: iCalendar Split Days offset on certain feeds
Fixed: Today’s date on calendar now uses WP Timezone
Improved: iCalendar performance
Improved: Calendar Layout
Improved: Bulk Editor

* Fixed: Importing iCalendar feeds from HomeAway and VRBO
* Fixed: Add Calendar button not appearing on all custom post types
* Improved: Calendar Layout

* New: Added Japanese translation
* Fixed: Calendar height CSS conflict

* New: iCalendar Sync now supports split days
* Improved: Simple calendar layout
* Improved: Overview calendar layout.
* Improved: W3C HTML Validation
* Fixed: Order of week days on settings page was wrong.

* New: Added single calendar Gutenberg block.
* New: Added calendar overview Gutenberg block.
* Misc: Minor bug fixes.

* New: Added Galician language.
* Fixed: Issue with creating new calendars, due to the new Text Color of the legend items.

* New: Added text color option for legend items.
* New: Added filter for the post types on which the Add Calendar button is displayed.
* Fixed: The admin calendar edit screen is now mobile responsive.
* Fixed: Added the correct flag for the Swedish and Slovenian languages.
* Fixed: Issue with Multiple Calendar Overview legend items duplicates.
* Misc: Limit number of posts being added to the Link Calendar feature, so that it doesn’t break on websites with a large number of posts.
* Misc: Small bug fixes and tweaks.

* New: Added support for languages.
* New: Added Danish language. Big thank you to Niels Christian Andersen ( for providing the translation.
* Fixed: Issue with Add Calendar button not showing on posts and pages before publishing the post or page.
* Fixed: Issue with calendar month selector not loading the proper month in certain situations.
* Fixed: Week numbers not being counted properly when the start day was set to Sunday.
* Fixed: Small PHP 7 compatibility issues.

* Fixed: Legend positions bottom and top were not working.
* Fixed: Tooltip display issues on iPhone and iPad.

* New: Added search functionality for calendars.
* New: Added “wpsbc_list_table_calendars_items_per_page” filter to modify the number of calendars displayed in the admin screen.
* Fixed: HTML validation issues
* Fixed: The proper legend item not being displayed in certain situations when importing from older versions.
* Fixed: Week numbers not being counter properly when the start day was set to Sunday.
* Fixed: Issue with legend item being floated to the right of the page for small calendars.
* Mixed: Other small bug fixes.

* Fixed: Issue with iCal feeds import functionality not working on overview calendars.

* New: Added .ics file import functionality.
* New: Added iCal feeds import functionality.
* Fixed: Issue with legend item being displayed, even though they were set as hidden.
* Fixed: Issue with migration of calendars when updating from versions older than 6.0.0.

* Fixed: Issue with languages not working in certain circumstances in the calendar on the front-end.
* Fixed: Issue with meta-data database tables not being created on certain servers.
* Fixed: Issue with calendar week numbers not being resized properly.
* Fixed: Issue with admin notices not being displayed when saving the general settings.

* New: Added support for Serbian language.
* Fixed: Issue with languages that weren’t supported by the plugin.
* Fixed: Issue with Bulk Edit not working on Safari browser.
* Fixed: Users with non-admin capabilities being able to add new calendars.

* Fixed: CSS incompatibilities with certain themes.

* New: Rewritten the plugin from the ground up.

* Fixed: Issue with PHP4 class constructors.

* Fixed: Added Highlight Today option to the calendar widget.
* Fixed: Conflict with Divi builder. Users were not able to add calendars with Divi.

* Fixed: Issues with AJAX saving calendars on certain servers
* Fixed: Issues with calendar not saving due to database table field not being long enough

* Fixed: Added version number to enqueued files that were missed in version 7.1.3

* New: Added support for “start_month” and “start_year” for the overview calendars shortcode
* Fixed: Issues with tooltips on iOS devices
* Misc: Removed support for the “start” parameter in the overview calendars shortcode

* Fixed: Added version number to all enqueued files

* Fix for history display on Overview Calendar

* Fix for conflict with All in One Events Calendar plugin
* Fix for modern theme changeover days border issue

* Fixed bug with Hyperlinks external links were altered because of a newline
* Fixed user management issue

* Fixed BUG when assigning users to calendars
* Fixed Notice in the “Add hyperlink” section of edit calendars
* Improved JS to fit the Modern and flat themed calendars

* Deactivated timesone settings from the plugin

* Fixed CSS conflicts with Enflod Theme for Modern & Flat themes
* Improved border width calculation on responsivness for changeover days

* Fixed Enfold Theme overwrites calendar dropdown

* Added South African language support

7.0.3 & 7.0.4
* Quick Fixes

7.0.2 (16/06/2017)
* Fixed time issue in iCal feed
* Improved calendar editing experience

7.0.1 (16/06/2017)
* Fixed Microsoft Edge styling issue
* Fixed back-in-time issue
* Fixed iCal feed validation issues

* Fixed: select/dropdown maintain its position on back button hit
* Added: (#Overview) Ordering of calendars when “Selected Calendars” is choosen
* Improvment: Mod_Security filter bypass modifications
* Improvment: Calendar Creation & Edit
* Improvment: Some CSS stylings